We have a clear and strong customer focus! So please let us know if you have any specific feature requests or improvements that you want us to implement by e-mailing us at
In progress
Release plan

Our customers can find the most important changes planned in the idea management section in the support center. The most important implemented features and improvements are listed in the knowledge base

Version 10 - Release October 26

See this knowledge base article for the most important implemented features and improvements.
Version 9.7 - Release February 8

See this knowledge base article for the most important implemented features and improvements.
Version 9.7 - Release December 14

See this knowledge base article for the most important implemented features and improvements.
Version 9.5 - Release September 7

See this knowledge base article for the most important implemented features and improvements.
Version 9.4 - Release June 15

See the ideas section in the support center for details about the release.
Version 9.3 - Release May 4

See the ideas section in the support center for details about the release.
Version 9.2 - Release March 23

Minor maintenance release containing bug fixes.
Version 9.1 - Release February 23

See the ideas section in the support center for details about the release.
Version 9.0 - Release January 19

See the ideas section in the support center for details about the release.
Version 8.5 - Released December 1

See the ideas section in the support center for details about the release.
Version 8.4 - Released November 4

See the ideas section in the support center for details about the releas.e
Version 8.3 - Released September 15
Phone integration (CTI) - handle incoming calls - "screen pop" for new and existing issues/tickets
Phone integration (CTI) - handle outgoing calls from issues/tickets
User management
Improved search - phone number search directly on issue/tickets
Issue management
Improved user search - phone number search directly on issue/tickets
New issue/ticket field - Checklist
It should be possible to "start" a Timer directly when "New issue" is opened
Info/warning when multiple users open an issue at the same time
History event log updates (Activity stream) directly on issue (push)
Add new issue type Milestone also visible as a diamond in the dynamic timeline/gantt chart
New resolution field on issues/tickets
Mobile app
Upgrade to Sencha Touch 2.0 for improved stability and performance
Project management
New project standard fields (risk, scope, cost, quality)
Improve iterations/sprints/phases tab on project
Make it possible to break project down into sub projects
Improved resource management - new report
Project history log (Activity stream)
New project portfolio report
New project bubble chart
Company management
Account manager field on companies
Custom fields should be visible directly in the "Company info"-dialog
User/contact management
More fields available on new user dialog
Document management
New copy document function (including folder structure)
Human resource management
Add support for work hours and vacation
Add support for holiday management
Time tracking
It should be possible to add Work logs on a project level
E-mail ticket system
It should be possible to send emails with high priority from the system
Chat and social communication
Auto-join chat rooms, so that you don´t have to open the rooms to receive messages
Comments on projects in the Activity stream
Publish news on projects
Version 8.2 - June 9
Support center
Idea management - create public "ideas"/suggestions
Voting on "ideas"/suggestions (internal and external)
Ability to specify multiple Email ticket systems per project
Knowledge base - improved ranking of search results
Issue management
Timer - quick start and stop a running worklog timer
Timer - automatic start and stop a worklog timer based on status changes on issue
New custom field types: URL, Integer and Decimal
Customer satisfaction survey/email - send out after x days
Company management
Ability to define organizational structure
Configuration management (Asset/Product/service management)
Issues from related items is shown in the Issues tab (Relationships of type: Contains, Uses and Runs on)
Company permissions on user group
New report for email conversations that lets you see the trend of Incoming emails and Replies
Ability to use Start time and End time in work logs
E-mail ticket system
Ability to setup multiple email accounts per project/work space
Version 8.1 - April 21
Issue Management
Ability to limit the "asset/product/service"-field to the items that the customer has purchased (via Contract)
Merge issue - initially only possible to merge incoming email with an existing issue
Issue templates
Notifications added to Issue alerts and Issue rules
All available fields can now be shown in the Planning board
Grouping and Filtering is "remembered" between sessions on the Issues-tab
User management, access and permissions
It should be possible for users to be part of multiple groups/teams
Contract management
New standard fields on Contract
Contract types added
Custom fields on Contract
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Custom fields on Companies
E-mail ticket system
Type-ahead functionality in address fields in Email reply
Ability to forward a specific incoming email or reply
Text that is written in Email reply is "remembered", i.e. if you write something, leave the page and then open up Email reply again, you will have the option to load the text that you wrote before
Contract and SLA on user level, i.e. it is possible to connect a user with a contract
Accept/Tentative/Decline links are now shown in the content of Meeting invitations
Version 8.0 - February 25
Issue Management
Alerts and reminders on tasks/meetings
Recurring tasks
New issue type "meeting"
New email notifications for "Solution change" and "Copy issue"
Ability to hide work log categories
Send invitations to meetings via email (integrated with Outlook/Google calendar)
Accept invitations to meetings via email (integrated with Outlook/Google calendar)
Knowledge base
Filter articles on product/service
Internationalization (i18n)
Separated terminology for asset/product/service catalog and individual assets/products/services
Mass email to project users/participants
User/contact management
Merge users
Version 7.5.1 - Released on January 7
Issue Management
Ability to add up to 40 custom fields per "Issue Field Configuration"
"Time spent" in worklogs will now handle the formats: 2.5, 2:30, 2h 30m
New reports for viewing Issue distribution on different standard fields
Configuration management (Product management)
A History log is now available for Configuration items
Web Service API - project documents that is linked from issue can now be fetched
Plugin - a plugin (Java class) can now be created which will be called when a Worklog is created, edited or deleted (Installed version only)
The standard spell checker in Chrome and Firefox will now work in the HTML textareas
The timezone on your account will be used when creating new users
Version 7.5 - Released on December 10
Project Management
Timeline (Gantt) enhancements
Parent issues should be closed automatically when all children are closed
Parent issue should be set to a "Work in progress" status when work has started on a child
Issue Management
Notifications in HTML
Issue portlets is automatically refreshed (if Chat module is used)
Configuration management (Product management)
Support for Configuration items in Web Service API
Standard Product-field should be configurable (like custom field of type Config item)
Relationship/links between Config items
Configuration items can now be "tagged" in KB articles
E-mail ticket system
New processing rules - send auto-reply to other email address
New processing rules - categorize as spam
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Created and modified fields on Company
"Show in Google Maps" added on address
Document management
Permission and "Published flag" settings can be inherited from folders to new documents and sub-folders
Installed version
Installation program for easier new installs and upgrades
History log for changes on Company, User and Contract
Recent activity log in dashboard include events for User, Company and Contract
Push events in dashboard - with automatic reload (if chat/XMPP module is used)
Quick search will now search for "sub-strings" and not only for exact match
Version 7.4 - Released on October 22
Project Management
New advanced dynamic Gantt/Timeline with drag and drop
Iteration/Phase linking
Release - Iteration/Phase link
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Mass email capability from Users and Contracts
Contracts - contacts has been added
Chat module (Enterprise and Live support chat)
Usability improvements
XMPP notifications
Better XMPP client support (standalone and Mobile apps)
Configuration management (Product management)
Improved product - release management
Custom field on CI´s
Issue/case management
Links in notification are client aware - (Mobile App vs standard version)
Issue rules - ability to have a rule to be triggered when a fields has been changed
Issue alerts - ability to set a Issue field when a date field has been passed
Installed version
New software license model for installed customers
Ability to edit System properties (content in directly from within VisionProject
"Unassigned" option added when searching for CI/Product field (Search and Issue rules)
KB - Direct link option now shows "internal link" that can be used for links between different articles
Version 7.3 - Released on September 10
Issue management
Ability to transfer issue text to Knowledge base
Group notification on setting/changing Owner group
Edit issue and reply to correspondent - performance improvements
Next/Previous buttons on issue
VCS (Git/SVN) improvements
Copy issue - usability improvements
Copy issue - option to include issue history
Improved issue linking
Issue history (performance improvements, quick link in table)
Improved support for story points (specific field + burn down improvements)
Show issue permission directly in the Issues-tab
Option to set a status on the issue when a user does an "Email reply"
Issue Reporter is now available in the Context menu
Contract management
Ability to have multiple Products/Services/Config items on a contract
Mobile app
Knowledge base
Links between issues and KB articles (for KCS)
Corporate/enterprise chat
Dynamic chat rooms
User/contact management
Multiple email addresses per user
GUI / Usability
Move timeline view to general section
Move project summary to a separate button
Company filter added on Time report
E-mail ticket system
Ability to limit access so a Support user only see its own email conversation
Version 7.2.1 - Released on July 18
Version control management
Git integration
Chat module
Ability to use a XMPP client
More information added when a new "Support chat" is received
The "Support chat"-window that you add in your Support Center or on you site can now be a "Popup-window"
The Priority field is now available in Email notifications
Paste images directly into Content when doing Email reply (Firefox only!)
Version 7.2 - Released on June 12
Configuration management
Multi select for Product/service/CI field
File/document management on products/CI´s
New Release field, dependent on product field
Improved notifications for support users
Improved quick search
Improved advanced search with grouping
Access and permissions
New access model Company/Partner access
Issue management
Improved quick-add feature on issues
Unified view
Context menu should be added on "Last visited issues"-panel
All issue fields should be available in issue portlets and issue search results
SLA management
Start date should be added as a new SLA target type
Companies/Customer Management (CRM)
File/document management on companies
A lots of improvements of the "corporate chat" and the Support chat
Version 7.1 - Released on April 3
Knowledge base
Knowledge base available in separate tab
Project management
Custom fields on project
Access and permissions
More permission options on work logs
Issue managment
Rule engine - for creating processing rules for issues
Improved email notifications with additional attributes
Improved web browser support (Chrome, Safari, Opera)
Account level calendar
Ability to create external HTTP links (placed in General-panel)
Version 7.0 - Released on January 9
Issue management
Improved Timeline with editing and filtering capability for resource planning
When displaying an Issue type it can now be configured to display name and not only an icon
User management
GUI improvements
Search improvements
Documents/Files on a user
Issues directly on a user
Export/import users (will be available in 7.0.1 patch)
Email ticket system
CC-fields should be stored on issue
Batch "Reply to correspondent", i.e. send the same reply for multiple support issues
Report improvements
Chat module (available for selected customers)
Documents on Contracts
Ability to publish the project calendar in iCalendar format
Version 6.4 - Released on October 31 2010
Issue management
Planning board
Ability to specify a group as an "issue owner"
Issue links should be shown directly in issue lists
Document management
Ability to make a document read-only
Company management
Export companies
Project management
Budget on project and version
Project summary - filter on project category and company
AND/OR searches
Upgrade to Ext JS 3.2
Improved reports, diagrams and metrics
Ability to make a Forum read-only
Version 6.3 - Released July 4 2010
Issue management
Now available as standard field: Solution. Text field area for solution to issues
Now available as standard field: Source, i.e. (Normal, E-mail, Support Center, Web Service, Simple form)
Make fields for user and company object available in simple web-forms
Make it possible to send auto-reply for normal issues created by support users
Unique ranking (ordering) of issues within a version/release
Be able to control what issue types should be available to different user groupes
It should be possible to set if the left navigation panel should be hidden/visible
Be able to set if personal info about users should be visible to support users
Email ticket system
Make it possible to blacklist senders
Make source-parameter available in auto-reply
Document management
Improved search/indexing on document (content)
Make it easier to get external direct link to issue for support users
Make it easier to create issue on company
Improved Kanban board
Plugin architecture for installed version
Spanish language support
Version 6.2 - Released May 30 2010
Support Center module
Improved SLA management with the ability to connect SLA´s to customers
Miscellaneous improvements
Document management
Improved searching on documents
Agreement/Contract management. Makes it possible to specify agreements/contracts between you and customers/distributors.
Bug fixes
Version 6.1 - Released April 11 2010
Issue management
Tabs on issues
Links to project documents on issues
Make an issue read-only for certain groups and users
Improved resource allocation on versions
New standard issue field: "Product" that contains all items from the "Product tree" that has the type "Product"
New custom issue field that contains specified items from the "Product tree"
Company management
Improvements on company information: company type, status, customer number. Improved search.
Import Companies from csv file
Product tree
Timeline showing versions and issues grouped on project
New methods in the Web Service API
French language support
Issue attachments is now sorted on create date. Latest on top.
Bug fixes
Version 6.0 - Released February 14 2010
Issue management
Improved permission on issues, ability to add individual users
Enhancements to the subscription functionality
Ability to update all active links in a chain
Email ticket system
Support for HTML in emails, with inline images
Support for German, Czech, Polish and Norwegian languages
The Web Service API is now available on the hosted version
Some minor bug fixes :-)
Version 5.4 - Released December 13 2009
Issue management
Add import/export to MS Project
Add action to upload documents for builds
When adding a document on an issue the issue history should be updated
Email ticket system
Improve reply templates in reply to correspondent with variables
Make it easy to create new email / outgoing communication
Ability to specify attributes when doing a commit to Subversion
Make it possible to configure if a project should be opened by default
Add the ability to have "commands" when replying from an email client
Version 5.3 - Released November 15 2009
Issue management
Add subscribers to issues
Enhance links between issues so you can update linked issues "automatically"
Include [no version] in the version dropdown for Issues page
Make it possible to change the text in notifications
Add context menu in "Quick search"
Ability to change Issue type in context menu
Added the ability to specify "your own" minutes in date+time fields (previously only 0, 15, 30 and 45 was possible)
Company management
Companies should be displayed in an Ext grid
Improve "Recent activity" to be customizable
Cycle time chart in the Kanban board
Settings on account level should use a tree instead of tabs
Forum messages should be available in Recent activity
Version 5.2.1 - Released October 19 2009

This is mostly a bug fix release with a few new features stuffed in.
Issue management
The "Last visited issues"-panel will now remember the issues between logins
New column in "Recent activity"-portlet that displays who has done the change
Paste as plain text and paste as word has been added to the HTML textareas
Bug fixes - mostly notably we have fixed the issues with unnecessary spacing between rows in HTML textareas.
Version 5.2 - Released September 27 2009
Issue management
Kanban/Task board
Cumulative Flow Diagram
HTML area in description and comments
Improve readability for Issue History Log
Add a "Version-sub menu" in Issue tab that displays all issues in the selected version
All Components should be available in filter mode
"Add new worklog" should be available in the context menu
Let parent inherit start date and end date from children
Improved design of the Issue History log
Ticket system
A processing rule that disables auto-reply
A processing rule that makes it possible to send an alternative auto-reply
Add a processing rule criteria that checks the issue status
Possibility to override "nomenclature", e.g. instead of Version you can use Release, etc.
Improved LDAP module (added support for a mixed password hashing mechanisms)
Show Worklog per user on Project page
Enhanced "Version/Release" page with progress information and graphs
Bug fixes
Version 5.1 - 5th of July 2009
Issue management
Issue History export
Exporting selected issues using context menu
Access on issue comments
SLA management
Ability to filter on severity in Alerts
Web Service API
Enhanced Web Service API - better query functionality, document upload/download and more
Ticket system
Ability to create a "subject template" for email replies
Ability to set Issue type in processing rules
Improved identification of a VisionProject ticket id (easier to let two different ticket systems cooperate)
Details in the "Average time in status" report has been added
Domain mapping on companies
GUI themes
Ability to set which user groups a particular user group can set in "Invite users"
Added "document has been changed"-notification
(Installed version) Default locale can be set in property file
(Installed version) Better management of invalidated MySQL connections
Version 5.0.1 - Released 2009-05-11
Issue management
Set current issue as sub-issue to another issue
Add warning that changes will not be saved if moving to "add document"
Ability to choose "Unassigned" for "Fix for version" in context-menu
Modified date and Created date added to issue-portlets in the dashboard
Added TicketId to the "Issue document"-added notification
A few minor usability enhancement
Bug fixes
Version 5.0 - Released 2009-04-06
Issue management
Improvements in the edit issue view
Ability to open an issue in its own tab
Added "time line" for versions
Add dependencies between issues
Improved issue link functionality (dialog on the same page)
Added quicklinks for company
Made it easier to add subissues directly in issue table
Batch update directly in issue table
Added "column views" for choosing columns for a personalized issue views
Batch update for sub-issues
Improve workflow management
Improved time/work log report
Access control with finer granularity
Custom fields on user/contacts
Different statuses per issue type, configurable on project
Ability to limit access on an issue for a user group, depending on current status.
Company as a new custom field
Document management
More consistent functionality between views
Improved screenshot applet - with local save and reduced size
Reduced size for multi-upload and document-edit applet
Improve usability
Improved usability and readability in some pages (e.g. the permissions page)
More quick links for easy access to frequently used functions
Extended context menu
Search and reports
New report section
New SLA (Service Level Agreement) reports
Improved MSExcel export
More grouping options and including billable/none billable hours in time report
Support center module
Add setting to make it possible for users to see all issues at their associated company
New SLA (Service Level Agreement) reports
Add preview to Support Center
Quicklinks on reply to correspondent for adding reply easier
The portal will be completely configurable and settings will be remembered between logins
Many new statistics portlets
Many new custom field types
Upgrade to new version of EXTJS for increased performance and compabtiblity
More personal and company settings
I18n improvements
A couple of bugfixes. Yes, we had a couple of those :-)
Version 4.1 - Released 10 November 2008

This release contains a few new features and some bug fixes.
Issue management
Ability to add new issues directly in the issue table
Added documentation and samples for "Simple forms". (Ability to create issues with forms outside of VisionProject.)
Made aggregated fields read-only for parent issues if sub-issues are used. For the fields: Estimated time, Actual time and Remaining time.
Added Copy/Transfer to the context-menu on issues
Warning when concurrent modification in edit issue and reply to correspondent happens
Ability to create new companies directly from the user info dialog
Added "Last visited issues"-area in the left-hand-side panel
Add the ability to choose which issues to show in My open issues (where owner, where developer and/or where reporter)
Document management
Visual compare of old versions of HTML and TXT files
Image viewer - ability to view image files in the Document archive as well as on issues
Ticket system
Add To: and Cc: fields from emails to the description
Improved "Reply to correspondent" so two users cannot make a reply on the same issue at the same time
Added ability to group by: issue, user and date in the time report
Improved Web Service API
Version 4.0 - Released 1 September 2008

As of version 4.0 the user interface has been totally revised and greatly improved by using the EXTJS framework. This has affected many parts of the system and many changes have been needed to make this happen. To guarantee quality of the new version once released to our customers we have decided to postpone the release of the new version until the August. We are sorry for the delay of this release but we think you will be very pleased with the new version.
Issue management
Tags on issues
Enhanced Custom fields - they will be handled exactly as normal fields.
Context menu on issues in issue lists. (With quick edit ability and more...)
Ability to have calculated times on parents (from sub-issues)
Progress column added in issue lists (Remaining time vs. Estimated time)
Project management
Copy/clone projects + project templates
Improved time tracking
Document management
Revisions on documents
Possible to lock documents
Quick edit-save of any document
Personal notes
Ability to see all issue documents for a project in one page
Major GUI enhancements using the EXTJS framework
Knowledge base enhancements
Improvements of the web service API
Ticket system rules enhancements
Ability to add "issue attachments" in reply to correspondent
Knowledge base improvements
Tree for navigation
Rating of an article
Marking articles as outdated
Adding comments on articles
Version 3.2 - Released - 20 December 2007
Access management
Create new roles and edit existing ones.
Ability to configure which modules and functions a role should have access to.
Configure access to issues, documents and forum entries.
Issue management
Screenshot applet (add screenshots to issues easily)
Gantt chart
Start date added as a standard field
Ability to configure which textareas that should be shown (specific to issue type)
Support Center
Configuration to let customers create their own user account or not.
Simple forums - create your own forms for easy issue reporting
Document management improvements
LDAP user import utility
GUI improvements
Bug fixes
Version 3.1 - 18 July 2007
Issue management
Ability to create subtasks
Completely flexible statuses (create, edit, delete)
Completely flexible priorities (create, edit, delete)
Completely flexible severities (create, edit, delete)
Ability to create a new user directly from the New issue page
Ability to add separators in the Issue Field Configurations
Issue field configuration preview
Improved comments view and history log on issues
API - create issues, list issues, etc.
Add customer companies. A user can be associated to a company and filters/searches can be done on with a company as a search criteria
Integrate a Version Control System (Subversion and/or CVS)
Internationalization, support for other languages than English.
Burn-down charts
Document tab improvements, total size of all files, number of files, multi upload/download
LDAP integration
Version 3.0 - 28 February 2007
Issue management
Work log on issues with time reporting
Ability to add more than one attachment when creating a new issue
Escalation reports. When an issue is overdue a notification will be sent.
Calendar view in issue tab
Add images to the ´Print view´ of an issue
Ability to choose which field you want to have in the report and in which order.
New predefined reports
Export search results and issue lists to XML/Excel/PDF/Word
Installed version
Support for MySQL
Support Center
Ability to search for ticket id in the quick issue field.
Ability to tag a knowledge base article as a featured article.
Ability to exclude knowledge base articles from being shown in latest changed articles.
Calendar view to show due dates for issues and versions, both on Start page and on the
Projects page
Add the ability to let the administrator to have access to all project.
Add the ability to search on Issue History log as well (comments, customer e-mails, etc.)
Version 2.4.2 - 16 October 2006

Once again mostly a bugfix release. The new features in this version is a full featured Spam filter as well as the ability to specify which statuses that should be used in a project.

Read more here
Version 2.4.1 - 12 September 2006

This is mostly a bugfix release but it contains some nice new features such as batch delete of users, project categories and the ability to specify that a user should only have access to issues where she is the owner, the reporter or the developer of an issue.

Read more here
Version 2.4 - 5 July 2006

This release focus a lot on improvement of the Support Center (helpdesk) as well as a new improvements on the edit issue and the ability to show searches on the Start page (Dashboard).

Read more here
Version 2.3 - 29 March 2006

In this release add a lot of customization features has been added to VisionProject, making is possible to use VisionProject for virtually all types of projects, not only software development projects.

Read more here
Version 2.2 - 20 September 2005

In this release two new modules has been introduced: the support center and email ticket system.

Read more here
Read press release here
Version 2.1.2 - 1 September 2005

This is a minor release with several enhancements that has been frequently requested by our customer. Read more here.
Version 2.1.1 - 8 June 2005

This is a minor release with a few frequently requested enhancements. Read more here.
Version 2.1 - 15 March 2005

This release contains a few notable features such as batch update functionality and a new "estimated time" field on issues. Read more here.
Version 2.0 - 5 January 2005

Major GUI enhancements, issue handling enhancements and bug fixes.